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Whole Foods on a Budget Challenge – last shopping trip this month – under budget!

Posted on: April 20th, 2012 by Kate Hamernik

I wanted to share a quick video of our haul from our last trip to Whole Foods Encinitas as part of our Whole Foods on a Budget series.   Just as I predicted, it was down right easy this week!

The first week was hard because I started with completely empty cupboards other than spices.   By shopping trip #4 we already had a lot of the things we use already!   We still have honey, ketcup, salad dressing, oil, rice, flour, baby cereal, etc.   In a few short weeks we were already starting to build up a bit of supplies and were just buying perishables – so we were able to get LOTS of fun produce and even had enough to take advantage of the case discount!

If I could go back – I would have purchased a little more chicken or maybe some fish.   We have plenty of everything, and since we were under budget I just wish we had gotten a little bit more   – the chicken we got is actually for a meal with friends so it won’t go as far in our house as I had factored – but even still – we have plenty!   Other than that – I am very happy with our purchases – LOTS of beautiful produce, breakfast foods, snacks, and far more baby puffs than Baby C can consume in the next 10 days!

Quick clarification – I was shopping with three kids and the two oldest were totally over it by the time we got to the register – so I wasn’t really watching the register tick.   I say we spent $117 – BUT – I checked out my register tape and there were a couple oopsies that would have made it even cheaper had I been paying attention.   First – I had 6 bags but I only got one bag credit – ah man!   I also made sure to buy the organic green leaf lettuce because it was on sale for a $1 cheaper than the red leaf – oopsie – it rang up as red leaf – honest mistake!   And one other thing – I bought the case discount of Happy Baby Puffs – I got 8 but for some reason one was scanned twice – so there was a charge for $3.49 – all in all – it was a $5 difference!   All totally honest mistakes that I know can be resolved – I’m not complaining – I just want to point out that this shopping trip was actually only $112!   Had I purchased the correct bottle of wine it would have been $110! WHAT?!

At this point – the only thing that is keeping me from making Whole Foods my only grocery store is that is just too far from my house.   That being said – I could absolutely shop at Whole Foods at this point for $400 a month – I know I could – there are a few things that are more expensive – but most of those things I wasn’t really buying anyway (ie – fancy schmancy cheese 😉 ) Shopping sales, using their bulk bins, shopping in their value sections, and using coupons makes it down right budget friendly! Don’t believe me?   Check out the Whole Foods Encinitas Value Tour!




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