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Greek Yogurt, Kale, & Blueberry Smoothie!

Posted on: June 23rd, 2013 by Kate Hamernik

My husband and I have been enjoying smoothies almost every morning for the last several months.   Thanks to our Vitamix this is really easy.   This is   a really awesome way to start the day!   Harry and I are very much into putting lots of veggies in our smoothies, but the kids are a little less enthusiastic.   We found a couple ways to make a smoothie that they enjoy too – but that still has lots of veggies.

Our big thing right now is Kale.   Kale is awesome – it is all healthy and fights all kinds of yuckiness.   Unfortunately the kids think it tastes like (and I quote) “grossiness”.

baby kale

Baby C LOVES Baby Kale – seriously – she asks for it when I pull out the box to make a smoothie – she snacks on the little leaves.   No joke.

Solution? Earthbound Farms Mixed Baby Kale and a scoop of non fat Stonyfield Greek Yogurt – this combo does the trick with all kinds of fruit combinations – but the following is the current family favorite………

kale smoothie recipe

 Greek Yogurt, Kale, & Blueberry Smoothie

kale greek yogurt smoothie recipe


  • Frozen blueberries (two cups)
  • Stonyfield GREEK 0% fat yogurt (a big spoonful)
  • Nonfat milk   (two – three cups)
  • one banana
  • Earthbound farms – Organic Mixed Baby Kales (one cup – more if you are into kale)
  • honey (drizzle to your hearts content)
  • flaxseed (optional….but I highly recommend a spoonful!)

*Mix in blender of your choice (we use a Vitamix) until blended*


(Everything we used was organic except the banana.   Organics is a totally a choice- but I do feel that one of the benefits is that organics taste brighter and more flavorful to us too – even with everything being organic this smoothie recipe costs less than us going to a conventional smoothie shop – that is a very easy way for us to justify the extra cost involved in our attempt to eat more organics and GMO free items.)

less bitter kale

Any Kale is going to provide you with major nutrients – but this mixed baby Kales is really tender and just works much better for my kids!


You could also really use any yogurt – but Greek yogurt provides so much more protein.   We feel it is a healthier choice and my husband prefers the taste over regular yogurt.

Kale smoothie recipe

OK – so as you all know – I am not big with a measuring cup so all is approximate – if you need to work up to Kale use a little less the first time, or put in a few extra berries or a little extra honey.   With these ingredients you probably don’t ‘need’ a Vitamix, but that is what I used and it is SUPER creamy, delicious, and it breaks up that kale so small that the kiddies don’t recognize it. (They know it is there, but it doesn’t bother them)

look at all that kale

blueberry kale smoothie

 Look how pretty and purply it gets!

greek yogurt smoothie

Enjoy this recipe?   Make sure to check out our other Vitamix Recipes too!

Enjoy ~ Kate


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