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Hacienda De Vega (my favorite!) Tuesday night specials!

Posted on: December 28th, 2010 by
REPOST! I had to repost because I am meeting up with friends tonight! Maybe I’ll run into you there!
Hacienda De Vega  in Escondido is my absolute FAVORITE Mexican restaurant! Our friends introduced us to it about  5 years ago and we cannot get enough of it.   If you have never been, PLEASE check it out!   It is a beautiful authentic adobe Hacienda just off the freeway – the first time we went we were like ‘where are we going??’ – and then you drive up…and then you walk in…..its like an old time oasis – it is so awesome!   Some nights they have live music, and all seating is outdoors – very unique!

We went randomly  a few  Tuesday nights ago  just because that happened to be the day the babysitter was free.   We did not have any kind of coupon with us, which is very abnormal for our going out to dinner routine -but guess what!? Much to our surprise Hacienda De Vega has Tuesday night specials – yay!

$5 Margaritas – one is enough!

and $2 tacos (these are cute little street tacos – so one is not exactly a meal – but it is a great deal!) – you can also get a plate of 6 tacos for $10 – each is different and I honestly can’t say which one was my favorite.


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