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The LEGO Movie Experience at LEGOLAND California

Posted on: February 21st, 2014 by Kate Hamernik

"The Lego Movie" Experience Unveiling

Everything is awesome at  LEGOLAND® California Resort!  LEGOLAND  opened the doors to its newest attraction featuring a behind-the-scenes look at “The LEGO® Movie” with THE LEGO® MOVIE EXPERIENCE.  This attraction gives guests a chance to step onto a LEGO® soundstage, see actual movie footage along with interviews with the cast and explore some of the awesome LEGO models which helped inspire the new and completely original 3D animated adventure!

THE LEGO® MOVIE EXPERIENCE opened on Thursday February 20th to a very enthusiastic crowd.  Our kids were thrilled to check it out!  I had a sneak peek during the movie’s press junket, but I was super excited to see my kids check it out!  They were SO into it!  Make sure you see the movie first!  My kids were super excited to see all the landmarks they recognized from their new favorite movie!

LEGO movie set


Actor Jadon Sand, who plays “Finn” and worked alongside Will Ferrell in “The LEGO Movie,” was the special guest at the grand opening ceremony where a giant curtain dropped to reveal THE LEGO MOVIE EXPERIENCE to Park guests for the first time. Our kids were THRILLED to meet a real live movie star.  My son was totally star struck, and my daughter thought it was neat that he was ‘just a real person’ and went on to tell me that she wants to be in movies too just like him.

The kids were thrilled to have Jadon sign a special The LEGO Movie poster, and they were happy to wait in a quick line for the opportunity.


These autographed posters are treasures on their walls!


THE LEGO MOVIE EXPERIENCE features more than 1200 LEGO models made out of more than three million LEGO bricks.   The attraction is in the Playtown Theater, located in Duplo Village. It took a team of ten Model Builders more than 2000 hours to assemble and a team of four Model Builders six weeks to reassemble in Carlsbad. The new attraction offers guests an up-close look at the famous worlds featured in the film such as Bricksburg, Middle Zealand, Old West, Cloud Cuckooland and Octane Tower.  Movie fans can stand in the same place as Finn and his father, “Lord Business,” played by Ferrell, and imagine themselves in the scene that has become famous in just weeks. THE LEGO MOVIE EXPERIENCE offers a unique thrill that can be enjoyed by LEGO fans of all ages.

Check out the quick video below about the new attraction!

If you are a fan of The LEGO Movie, I highly suggest this new attraction!  If you haven’t seen The LEGO Movie yet – what are you waiting for?  Take the kiddies to a matinee this weekend!

Enjoy ~ Kate


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