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LEGOLAND Resort California ~ Giveaway Family Four Pack of Tickets!

Posted on: July 20th, 2013 by Kate Hamernik 359 Comments

LEGOLAND California

We are always so excited to visit the LEGOLAND Resort in Carlsbad California! If you have not visited LEGOLAND yet as part of your Summer Bucket list I wanted to let you know about some fun happenings at the Resort to consider………….


The LEGOLAND Waterpark is open daily now through September 2, 2013 – this is a seasonal park so make sure to check out LEGOLAND while you can enjoy every aspect of the Resort – including the Waterpark!   The Waterpark is an upgrade to a regular ticket, or is included in a park hopper ticket.   The Waterpark is located inside LEGOLAND Park and it is awesome for families with kids of all different swim levels.

LEGOLAND Waterpark build rafts

We enjoyed the Waterpark before our big kids were even swimming.   There are tons of splash grounds for little ones as well as a lazy river for mom and big waterslides for more adventurous kids!


We will be sharing more fun happenings throughout the coming weeks too so stay tuned!

Make sure to meet up with SEA LIFE Aquarium for a beach clean up – we went last time and it was a fun lesson for the kids and we were stoked to get FREE tickets to SEA LIFE tickets after we volunteered!

So who here would like to win tickets for a fun SoCal day at the LEGOLAND Resort?   ONE Lucky winner will receive FOUR One Day Park Hopper tickets so they can experience LEGOLAND, the LEGOLAND Waterpark, and SEA LIFE Aquarium!

You can enter below in the Rafflecopter Widget – please note ONLY the winner will be contacted.   The winner will have tickets emailed directly from LEGOLAND to print and show at the gate.   San Diego Deals and Steals never uses your email for any other reason when filling out a contest form – we do not sell or share entries with anyone – pinky promise!   The only requirement to enter is you must be a fan of San Diego Deals and Steals on Facebook – there are several other bonus entry options available – but the only requirement is liking on Facebook!

Best of luck to everyone!   These giveaways are always super popular – only one can win, but don’t worry – there are always more in the works!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Images used with permission by LEGOLAND CA

A HUGE thank you to the good folks at LEGOLAND California for sponsoring this amazing giveaway!

Best of Luck!



359 Responses

  1. Rachel E. says:

    I would want to go to the watermark area.

  2. Hannah says:

    My son LOVES LEGOLAND especially the aquarium so that’s where we will be first thing if we win this!

  3. Kristene Hanson says:

    I dont know, we have never been! We would likely go check out the waterpark first!

  4. hazel says:

    Check out the LEGO X-wing fighter! My son would bug out, he’s a huge Star Wars fan!

  5. Summer M says:

    We have never been to the waterpark! My kids would love it!

  6. Cynthia says:

    The first thing we would do is take a family photo with our super happy smiles and tweet it out with our BIG thank you to San Diego Deals and Steals and Legoland!

  7. Tammy says:

    We would love to try out the waterpark!!

  8. Sylvia says:

    take a family pic at the beautiful front gate!

  9. Angela says:

    We have not been to the aquarium yet. That is what we would do!

  10. Tammy says:

    I think I may have double-entered for this contest because the rafflecopter seems to be appearing twice.

  11. shannon rezvani says:

    Go immediately to the waterpark.

  12. shannon rezvani says:


  13. Reese B says:

    Most definitely the waterpark area!

  14. Casey says:

    What a fun giveway!

  15. Diana Gonzalez says:

    Would love to get on all the rides

  16. Julie C. says:

    The first thing we would do at Legoland is build Legos of course! My 7 year old loves to build the race cars and run them down the track. We also want to see the life sized X-Wing made out of Legos…awesome!

  17. SUSAN says:

    my son has been wanting to go but its too expensive. would love to win!

    • Sue says:

      First thing we would do is go on the dragon rollercoaster to the left of the entrance. (Forgot the name of it but its a lot of fun!)

  18. Sylvia R says:

    I’m planning on taking my son for his birthday next month so this would be perfect! =)

  19. Alisha Trapp says:

    My son has so much fun at Legoland but we will check out the water park first because we have never been!

  20. Darcy H says:

    Take the kids to the water park at Legoland, my youngest is finally old enough to do a lot of the rides and things there!

  21. Jaime Jenkins says:

    I really want to take my kids to the water park!

  22. Charlene W says:

    The first thing we would do is see the new Star WArs exhibit!

  23. Rebecca says:

    Greatest place ever!!

  24. Heidi W. says:

    I’ve never been, but I LOVE water slides!

  25. Erin Young says:

    I have never been…I would love to take my 3-year-old!

  26. Erin Young says:

    we would go play in the water!

  27. Tonya Vogel says:

    It Would Be AMAZING 2 WIN This 4 My 3 Kiddos!!!

  28. April says:

    The water park looks so fun! Perfect time for our family, my boys would love it!

  29. Joyce says:

    to get some apple fries!

  30. Kathy J says:

    We’d check out some of the rides.

  31. Jewels McQueen says:

    Dino Island! My boys missed out one time that we went!

  32. Carly says:

    My six year old son is crazy about Legos! First thing we would do if we win is see the Star Wars exhibit to see the life sized X-wing fighter!

  33. Lisa says:

    Head to the roller coaster!

  34. Jennifer Trempe-Thomas says:

    The kids LOVED Legoland would sure love to go back some day!

  35. Jennifer Trempe-Thomas says:

    oops — submitted too soon. First think to go on is the kids favorite…. the pedal “flying” ride! Then I am sure the splash area

  36. Amy Brown says:

    I think we would hit up Star wars. Looks so fun!

  37. krystal holder says:

    Would lve to take my kids this summer!

  38. Lisa C says:

    I would take my daughter to see the princess. We went on a weekday last time and the princess wasn’t there(how did I not see that on their schedule?!). My daughter still talks about wanting to go back and meet her! Winning this would help ease my “mom guilt” ;p

  39. Amy says:

    We would check out the watermark. It looks so fun!

  40. Anne says:

    waterpark I would also love to try the hotel

  41. Jenn Willey says:

    If we were to win the tickets to Legoland. I’d bring my son for his birthday and probably book a room at the new Legoland Hotel. First thing he’d is ride the cars rides.

  42. Silas says:

    watch my kids drive the cars

  43. Jennifer Carroll says:

    We would enjoy the main park so much but would love to check out the aquarium too. My son is the biggest Lego fan and any opportunity is take him makes me feel amazing just to see the happiness on his face!

  44. Ileana Brogan says:

    First thing we would we do is go to the water park!

  45. karin says:

    My daughter and I love Legoland. It’s our favorite vacation place which we frequently visit. Pick us.

  46. Nirey says:

    Take the kids to the water park!

  47. Elena says:

    I would go to the water park first

  48. Dawne says:

    We love Legoland!

  49. Justine Burgess says:

    We’ll hit the waterpark first!

  50. Debbie Terry says:

    I have never been there. Now I need to go because Ihave a granddaughter just the age to love it!

  51. Lalita Malone says:

    We would go straight to the Legoland Water Park for a ride down the lazy river! Thanks for the giveaway opportuunity!

  52. Eva says:

    We would visit the Water park for SURE!!! Never been.

  53. Lorry says:

    We would go straight to the Water Park for some water fun before exploring the rest of the Park!! Great giveaway – Thank You!!

  54. Nidia M says:

    The first thing we would do is the waterpark! Never been to it, and I know we would have a blast there first!

  55. Mary H says:

    We like the Dino area and the Knights area.
    We have never been to the water park but are looking forward to it

  56. Tamerin says:

    The first thing I would do is take my kids to the waterpark area.

  57. Stephanie says:

    I would buy apple fries for each family member!

  58. Jennifer Taft says:

    I would love to bring my sons to the waterpark!

  59. christina says:

    The first thing I would do is go to MINILAND

  60. Jessica says:

    We can’t wait to just walk around and check out all of the awesome lego creations! We’ve never been! Thanks for the opportunity

  61. Toby says:

    I’ve never been there so I think the first thing I would do is look at the park map!

  62. edward says:

    My first stop would be taking my wife to get the apple fries.

  63. molly says:

    I would like to give this to my friend who is local. She has never been and would love to experience the whole thing!

  64. Stacie says:

    I can’t wait to take my daughter to the Waterpark. She will loooove!

  65. Brandi Smith says:

    We are planning a trip to Legoland so this would be an awesome surprise for us.

  66. monica young says:

    I have never been but for sure we will go on the rides and the stores

  67. Buffy Stalker says:

    Wherever my children lead me!!! lol Probably to the trains first! lol

  68. Carlyn schaffner says:

    We would go to the water park first.

  69. Adina Morfoot says:

    My kids have gone with friends, but this would be my 1st time! Can’t wait to see it through their eyes as they show me around!!!

  70. Laurie Guthrie says:

    Probably look in awe . . . we’ve never been, yet have wanted to go since it opened 🙂

  71. Devon F says:

    Would love to try out the water park!

  72. Cara H says:

    We have never bern to the water park or aquarium so one of those for sure!

  73. Carrie J. says:

    We would definitely hit the waterpark and the water rides!

  74. Jodi R. says:

    We’d love to go to the water park first!

  75. nicolle says:

    I want to win!!:)

  76. Jennifer K says:

    We never have been to the waterpark so are excited to have the opportunity to try it out. I live with a bunch of fishies!

  77. Nichole says:

    We haven’t been to the waterpark either! It would be so fun!
    P.S. Tricky, tricky Kate! Having people like Catching up with Kate. 😉 I have been meaning to sign up for it, but hadn’t gotten to it yet. This is a great reason to – extra Legoland possibilities. 🙂

  78. Jane C says:

    Would love to experience Legoland now that my little guy is a little bigger and able to do a bit more.

  79. Christina Orlowski says:

    W have not gone yet and been here 2 years! Its just so price. Fingers are crossed~

  80. Julia says:

    Probably Dino Island… my son loves dinosaurs!!

  81. Donelle Anderson says:

    We have never been to the waterpark so we would for sure want to check that out first!

  82. Aline Grigorian says:

    The water play area or the waterpark. Daughter’s been asking to go for a couple weeks now!

  83. Shellie says:

    My son’s dream is to go to Lego land. I am crossing my fingers!!!

  84. kristina says:

    The first place we’d go at Legoland would be the fire truck ride! My kids LOVED it!

  85. Stephanie V. says:

    dragon roller coaster and drive the lego cars — never been and kids would be thrilled!

  86. Kathy C. says:

    Would love to win this for my sister, her daughter and grandson. What a fun Grandma adventure!!

  87. Mary says:

    Water park! So fun!

  88. Jenny M. says:

    I would love to take my son! He LOVES legos and we’ve never been. I think the first place we’d go to is Duplo Village. That looks like a great starting area for his age group 🙂

  89. Rose Mary says:

    If I win, I can take my grandkids

  90. Carolyn says:

    We would love to check out the watermark!

  91. Andrea Sublette says:

    We have never been to the waterpark!

  92. Nancy F says:

    We have never been to the waterpark but would love to win those tickets! thanks SDDS!

  93. Penny says:

    Thanks 😀

  94. gretchen says:

    go straight to the water park!! the best water park ever!

  95. Sandy Portacio says:

    I’d LOVE to take my 5 year old to Legoland for the FIRST TIME!

  96. Rikki-Dee says:

    We would check out the waterpark.

  97. Manuel says:

    Haven’t visited the waterpark yet. This would be a great excuse. 🙂

  98. Raquel says:

    I would take to my kids straight to the water park! Perfect for the warm weather!

  99. Liz F says:

    I would love to take my kiddos to the water park!

  100. Leslie says:

    Woot woot Legoland !!!! This family loves Legos!!!

  101. Amy says:

    We are wanting to go to the water park first.

  102. Gretchen in HB says:

    We’ve never been to the Water Park or the hotel! I’d love to win this 4 pack of tickets and spend a long weekend at Lego Land. 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  103. Karina says:

    We have memberships to Legoland but we will use the tickets to bring our friends (who have never been to Legoland) to the park to share in the fun. We will ride all the roller coasters!

  104. Maureen Duncan says:

    Run for the granny apple fries!

  105. Ruth McCallister says:

    my daughter want to dive one of the cars as a 6 year old so we would be heading to get her drivers license:)

  106. Gina Wilfong says:

    My kids would love to go to Legoland. I hope we win!!!

  107. C Goodman says:

    Definitely the waterpark!

  108. Cari says:

    Would love to take my son for his birthday!

  109. Carol W says:

    Head to the waterpark! We’ve been everywhere but there!

    Thanks for the chance!

  110. Sharyn says:

    My kids love to look at mini-land – and of course all the rides

  111. Lexi says:

    I would take my kids on the boat ride!

  112. Stephanie says:

    We would head to the waterpark! We have only been to Legoland once but didn’t get to go to the waterpark. My kids would have a blast!

  113. […] Speaking of SEA LIFE Aquarium – have you entered our GIVEAWAY for FOUR one day park hopper tickets to LEGOLAND California? […]

  114. Bridgette says:

    We have never been at the waterpark…so that would be our first stop!!

  115. Bo says:

    We love Miniland USA so that would be the first place we’d go!

  116. Monica Martinez says:

    This Trip would be like a dream come true, there is nothing more that my 6 year old and myself would enjoy then a trip to LegoLand!! 😀 Goodluck Everyone!

  117. karen says:

    My son loves star wars so we would probably go look at that first!

  118. Kim says:

    We Will be visiting CA next month from Arkansas and my 2 kids would LOVE if we won this package!

  119. Kristina L says:

    It would be a dream to take our kids to California to see Legoland!

  120. C. Anita Nunez says:

    The first thing we would do is have a sit down family meeting looking at the park map and figure out our day(s). I would want to be sure that both kids were able to hit the spots that interest them!

  121. First thing I would do is pose for a family pic right outside the gates, precious memories!

  122. Heather Toller says:

    We’d go to the waterpark! My kiddos would love it.

  123. Jamie says:

    My family LOVES legos!! The first thing we would do would be to hit the coaster then imagination zone; no matter what age you are you have a blast =)

  124. Mandy wright says:

    I’d ride that awesome water slide!!!

  125. Jill Rabach says:

    My kids want to go to the water park!

  126. Laura J says:

    We have always wanted to take our kids! My kids play with Legos my husband had as a kid! I think we’d check out the Star Wars stuff, since they are huge fans! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  127. Michelle says:

    Dream vacation of my 8yr old for quite sometime. Love to be able to take him there.

  128. Rebecca Childers says:

    The first thing I would do is hit the water park! We’ve never been & I know my family would LOVE it!

  129. Misty says:

    We’ve never been! I bet my son would just love to visit all the creations first to be inspired 🙂

  130. Karri says:

    I would head straight for the water park! My kids love the Lego themed water attractions.

  131. Rachelle says:

    We NEED a Stay-cation so bad!!
    I am a stay at home Mom.
    I have to Littles ages 2 n 6!

  132. Jarrod says:

    Kids have always wanted to go.

  133. Kathleen says:

    Never been there so not sure! The kids would love the waterpark section though!

  134. Helen says:

    Ride the elevator with my kiddos. They loved it!

  135. Amy says:

    I’m a merlin member for Legoland and my kids will move and live in the park if I allow them. I hope I win the tickets because I would really love to bring my neighbor that have 3 kids and can’t afford to go. Ages 2, 4, 6 and first that we will do is to take a picture in front of legoland then the water area.

  136. Melissa says:

    First thing I would do is get me some apple fries!

  137. kristine says:

    Ride the pedal it yourself coaster

  138. Jenn says:

    We went to Legoland for the first time not that long ago with our 7 year old son who has Asperger’s! What a great place for him and his 4 year old sister!

    • Jenn says:

      And the first thing we would do is go on the sky cars that you have to pedal. The kids LOVED that one!

  139. johannah says:

    We never been and my son would get kick out out of it

    I would do the waterpark first =)

  140. Angeline says:

    We would head over to the water park to reserve our spot!

  141. julie g says:

    My kids love Legoland.

  142. Cyndi says:

    My kiddos LOVE Legoland! This would be a perfect pre-deployment trip for them!

  143. Lindsay says:

    Depending on the time of the year, I would take my kids to the water park. We have only been to LegoLand once and we were not prepared (bathing suit wise) for the water portion of the park. My kids were good sports about it, but I know they were disappointed to miss out. We love legos. Thanks for giving us the chance to win tickets!

  144. Kate says:

    Yay, we heart all things LEGO!!!!

  145. Kathy says:

    Would love to wint his!

  146. Kristel KM says:

    Would love to come visit you!

  147. Glenn Blanza says:

    I’d hit the waterpark to cool off with the kid!

  148. Lorene says:

    We would probably walk around and decide which rides we want to ride.

  149. Gina J says:

    First thing i would do is give my kids a hug and be excited to be at the park with them. We have been wanting to go.

  150. Olga says:

    I would follow my daughter around to where she would like to go it seems to be her favorite place she talks about it all the time

  151. Hmartin04 says:

    My 5 year old just got his 1st set of Legos this month for his birthday and would love to go!

  152. Stephanie says:


  153. Brenda says:

    We’ve never been, so we would have to take a family snapshot before checking out a map to plan the fun!

  154. Laura Brim says:

    Miniland USA

  155. Alice says:

    I would have to let my almost 4 year old decide what to do first but I think he would want to do the water park.

  156. Phoebe says:

    Woohoo, we would like to visit LegoLand!

  157. If I won, I would bring our neighbors or extended family with us to Legoland since we are already annual pass holders! The Dragon roller coaster is often a first stop for us.

  158. Julia Callis says:

    I would run up to the entrance with my kiddos scream with excitement and take a family photo marking the awesome event!

  159. MarthaC107 says:

    My son would totally love this.

  160. Jodi K says:

    We recently discovered we love visiting waterparks as a family! Lots of fun for all ages and I would love to win these tickets!

  161. Kim Flegal says:

    The first thing we would do it hit the water park to cool off!!! We LOVE Legoland.

  162. scotty says:

    Love LegoLand! Never tried the water park and would love too. 🙂

  163. Abra Oakes says:

    I’m sure my son would love to go to the water park area!

  164. Kristin ford says:

    I would take my three boys! They love Legos!

  165. Heather H says:

    We have never been before so I don’t know what I would do first besides take a picture of my sure to be super excited kiddos!

  166. Amy S. says:

    I would ride on Orange Rush with my daughter–it’s our fave!!

  167. Kim Antar says:

    The first thing we would do is take my 5 year old to the new Star Wars exhibit. He’s dying to see it!

  168. Elizabeth P. says:

    Hit the waterpark!!

  169. Jennifer says:

    We just missed the waterpark on our last trip! Would love to see it!

  170. Tatiana says:

    I would love to be able to take my son and his friend(s)! We have never been to the waterpark and have not been to Lego Land in years because of money issues. We would enjoy the entire park(s). 🙂 This would be a really nice summer surprise for all! 🙂

  171. Denise Jones says:

    We would be at the waterpark first, I am sure! Then off to explore the rest of the area…

  172. The first thing I would do is go to the water park because I haven’t been there yet.

  173. Leanne N. says:

    First thing I’d do is take my kids to the water park! Too fun!

  174. Linda W. says:

    We like the roller coaster first – robotic mechanical one.

  175. Katherine says:

    We love Legoland! We would probably head back to do the pirate land first!

  176. Kim says:

    My boys are looking forward to the waterpark. I would go get some apple fries!

  177. Mary Torrecilla says:

    Hrmmm…probably the waterpark if it’s hot enough, then everything else!

  178. Michelle P says:

    Our family LOVES Legoland!!! We would hightail it over to the Dragon Coaster first!

  179. I think we would head to the waterpark now that it is summer.

  180. Lauryn says:

    Dying to try out the waterpark as son has justlearned to swim!

  181. Tondi says:

    First thing we would do is check out the waterpark, since we have never been!

  182. G K says:

    Loves me some Legoland!!

  183. michelle says:

    Would love to take the kids to LEGOLAND. We just moved to SD from Canada and have never been before. My kids would love to do the waterpark first!

  184. Annette says:

    Please pick me!!

  185. Alisa Williamson says:

    We love Legoland! The kids can go on all of the rides and there are no high school kids running around being punks like at Disney. =)

  186. Carla says:

    I would definitely take a picture in front of the legoland sign, for my first stop 🙂

  187. angelica steinmeier says:

    Wow. It’ll have to be Minatureland for sure. We are huge Star Wars fans!

  188. Monica p. y. says:

    I would enjoy the day with my kiddos and ask them what they wanted to do.

  189. Sarah says:

    I would love to take my son. THe first place we’d go is his favorite–Lego Hero Factory!

  190. Artemis D. says:

    First thing I would do when I enter the park is jump up and down a few times from the excitement that I got in for free… then I might get on some rides, especially the water park in this California heat!

  191. Lori says:

    We would check out the waterpark – we have been to LL but we have never been to the waterpark!

  192. John says:

    First thing I would do? Probably get choked up at the incredibly huge smile on my 4 year old son’s face.

  193. Jessica says:

    If we won my boys and I would first stop by the waterpark, then on the the aquarium.

  194. Megan r says:

    I’d head straight for the waterpark….with my kids in tow!

  195. Ilene b says:

    Watch my kids faces light up!

  196. AllisonRenee says:

    I would take my boys straight to the Star Wars lego section!

  197. susie moody says:


  198. Jennifer B says:

    The water park!!!!

  199. Monica Mowry says:

    Straight to the waterpark then Lego Star wars!!

  200. Carol says:

    This looks like a great place to have fun with grandkids!

  201. Lolo says:

    The wate park!

  202. katie says:

    My kids would LOVE to go to Lego Land : )

  203. katie says:

    first place for me would be the aquarium but my kids would say water park

  204. Abbie says:

    We love Legoland. My kids ask me everyday if we can go again.

  205. Miranda H says:

    I would love to take our 3 boys to the Water Park at LEGOLAND since we haven’t been to that part of the park yet.

  206. Kellie says:

    I would travel all the way from GUAM to take my kids to Lego Land!

  207. What a great contest!! My kids would love this!

  208. janet says:

    Go to the lego shop.. my son has been saving for ages and will not be stopped…

  209. Shauna nothingunrulyaboutthesecurls says:

    First thing we would hit is the waterpark

  210. Kristen M says:

    We would hit the waterpark first since we’ve not been since the waterpark area opened.

  211. Bernadette Swails says:

    We would hit the waterpark. My kids are dying to see it!

  212. Danielle says:

    My 2 boys would LOVE to go to Legoland! Lego Star Wars!!

  213. Anna says:

    Visit Miniland!

  214. Mandy Quinn says:

    Can’t wait to visit from Australia in a month.

  215. Debbie Terry says:

    I would certainly not be in charge of that decision. That would be the four year old.

  216. Eden says:

    I’d hit the waterpark!

  217. Laura says:

    I would keep the trip as a surprise, not telling the kids where we are going and then take lots and lots of pics!!!! My kids are lego geeks!!!

  218. Adrian Mansion says:

    We have never been there before. I really love Aquariums so I would probably hit that first!

  219. amy cobb says:

    We would head to the water park first!

  220. Heather Poland says:

    We would love to go to the aquarium!

  221. Erika Bonilla-Swing says:

    We would go to the water park first!!

  222. Tanya Purcell says:

    We would head to the water park…the one place we didn’t hit the last time we were there.

  223. The first thing we’d do is yell “YAY!” and then we’d go to the waterpark!

  224. elle holt says:

    The first thing I would do is go to the waterpark so I could spend the rest of the day riding and drying off!!

  225. RJ Kirby says:

    I’d want to start with Wave Riders or Splash Battle, but since my four-year-old lego-loving son will be in charge, we’ll be heading straight for Miniland, USA.

  226. Will says:

    The waterpark

  227. Sarah says:

    I’d take my son to go visit the giant Star Wars ship that recently arrived. 🙂

  228. Mark says:

    Slides at the Waterpark with my 3 kiddos!

  229. kk says:


  230. Angela says:

    We would go to the water park first thing 🙂

  231. Rebecca Miller says:

    I think my kids would be overwhelmed with excitement. We would love to go to Legoland park first thing enjoy it and skip on over to the new water park in the afternoon to cool off and have even more fun!

  232. Gaby says:

    I would grab a map because I’ve never been there. 😀

  233. Joy Person says:

    Get someone to take a picture of me and my family and then grab a map so we can see and do everything!!!!

  234. Keri B. says:

    Waterpark!! Or whatever my kids would want to do first! 😉

  235. Melissa says:

    I would head straight for Ristorante Brickolini for their amazing pizza!

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  237. Adina says:

    My kids loooove Legoland!!! Can’t wait to go to the waterpark!!!

  238. My daughter bday is on the 6th of Aug. and she asked to go to legoland . This would be great ????. Hoping !!!!

  239. Mara says:

    Would love to go to the watermark again now that my baby is a bit older!

  240. Lauren says:

    I would take my kids to the slides!! They love those…

  241. First thing we would do is hit up the water park area – kids LOVE it!

  242. Rachelle Shull says:

    Check out the SkyCruiser!

  243. Naomi Nemchik says:

    Would love to go to the waterpark! My kids have never been to one and I think the Legoland one would be perfect for them!

  244. Jhoanne A says:

    My daughter would hit the water park for sure. She loves Legos so she will definitely have a blast.

  245. char says:

    fun town

  246. Mara says:

    Heading out to CA tomorrow and Legoland on Tuesday, can’t wait!

  247. Karrie says:

    We can’t wait to visit in October!

  248. Sarem says:

    First place we’d had to is the waterpark, it’s been so hot!

  249. David says:

    We would go strait for the water park! We need to go on some water slides with the kids!!!

  250. Kim says:


  251. Mary Guerrero says:

    I have never been in Legoland ;(

  252. Lacey says:

    I would love to take my kids to the waterpark!

  253. Ann elders says:

    I love legoland and water

  254. Dana says:

    Love the water park!

  255. Esther says:

    Would love to take my girls with my husband before he leaves for deployment. Would love to make some awesome memories before he leaves.

  256. Cristina says:

    I would check out all of the rides that my young kids can go on and go on those first.

  257. Jennifer says:

    We would hit the Duplo area first! Looks like an awesome time!

  258. Eriko says:

    We love Legoland, but we haven’t been to the water park this summer yet. That will be the first place to go if we get lucky.

  259. Katy M says:

    I’d love to take my niece to the new water park! She would have a blast on the Build A Rafts!


  260. Andrea G. says:

    I would have to try the water park I think first!

  261. helen says:

    Living in Vancouver we are much anticipating our first trip next spring break – and my son has it all mapped out and is desperate to try his skill in the driving school!

  262. Tracy says:

    I would go get some of those awesome apple fries! LOL 🙂

  263. Sherida says:

    We want to go to the waterpark, specifically the lazy river! 🙂

  264. SGL says:

    we’ll be at the legoland hotel from 8/8-10. unfortunately…only could do the hotel. how awesome would it be to be able to do the park, as well!

  265. reanne says:

    If my family wins we would take a picture as soon as we got to the gate and post the picture right away to thank you for the wonderful vacay we would go in and enjoy everything about Legoland n their waterpark.

  266. Joanna says:

    My son loves Legos and would love to roam the park for a day!

  267. Joanna says:

    My son loves Legos and would love to roam the park for a day!

  268. Debnmike m says:

    Go check out all of the rides!

  269. Dena says:

    Whatever my kids want to do!

  270. I would allow my kids to be kids. I stepped down from my Corp job last year to actually see my kids grow up.

  271. Caro says:

    We want to go to the waterpark 🙂

  272. bridgette kosouk says:

    whatever my 4yr old wants to do 🙂

  273. Rebecca H. says:

    We love LegoLand!!

  274. Rosa T says:

    Thank you for having a giveaway! I love your site!!

  275. Lula Alarcon says:

    Never been to Legoland even though I’m from San Diego. I think my 8 year old and 1 year old twins would love it!

  276. Cindy W says:

    Probably go to Miniland.

  277. dana says:

    I would love to visit the waterpark. The weather has been great!

  278. Mar Alvear says:

    Take my son on the dragon rollercoaster

  279. Megan devenish says:

    Dragon roller coaster for sure!!!

  280. Not sure, we have never been. We did go to lego Kidsfest and my son loved making lego cars and racing them on a track so I would like to find something like that.

  281. Ali says:

    We’d definitely hit up the waterpark first, before lunch, so we could dry out during lunch, then spend the rest of the day exploring and having fun! SeaLife would be our last stop, before ending the day! Something to help us wind down before the long drive home! 🙂

  282. Jessica says:

    Good luck everyone

  283. Laura says:

    I’ve never been, so I would love to bring my two kids just to see them have fun.

  284. Vanessa Selig says:

    I would probably go back to the Star Wars exhibit first. Hit all of the rides that my daughter and I have missed the last two times we visited. My daughter loves the Waterpark. She loves the lazy river and the water slides. She spends more time at the Waterpark than anywhere else!

  285. Jill says:

    Check out the waterpark.

  286. Angela says:

    We would check out any Star Wars Legos and then go on the roller coasters! Cheers!

  287. Shannon says:

    I would watch my son take it all in – he’s a huge Lego fan!

  288. Jessie says:

    I would check out the looks on my three little boys faces! They LOVE legos 🙂

  289. Wendi says:

    The first thing we would do is the ride that is like Indiana Jones, the blaster one! My kids LOVED that and now that my daughter is older we can go on SO many more rides! Yay!

  290. Geoffrey W Honda says:

    i’d love to go back !

  291. Jen C says:

    The first thing we would do is ride a roller coaster! We love Leogland!!

  292. Jordana says:

    The first thing we plan on checking out is the life size X Wing from Star Wars

  293. Adam says:

    Legoland is becoming a better and better destination to go to. We would love to visit before we head back to school this fall!

  294. Nancy s says:

    Would try the water park first

  295. Melissa says:

    I would hit the waterpark!

  296. Brooke says:

    We would so love to go! My son loves Legoland and wants to go for his 6th birthday coming up 🙂

  297. Paula B says:

    We’ve been saving up for 3 years. Hoping we can go next year! Thank you!

  298. marg says:

    Check out what’s new! Then waterpark, then seaquarium!!! And have lots of fun with my kids!!!

  299. Stacie Devaney says:

    My kids love getting their ‘driver’s license’ in the park

  300. lauren says:

    hope we win!

  301. Jennifer says:

    What an awesome giveaway! Good luck to everyone!!

  302. Laurie Hatch says:

    There is always something to do, even if the lines are too long to get on the rides!

  303. Jessica Carvalho says:

    I would love to take my kids back to Legoland! They had an amazing time when we went a few months ago. We didn’t get a chance to go to the waterpark since the weather was still cool, I know they would love it!

  304. Radha says:

    I used to play legos when I was a kid and want to share the same joy with my son…I have dreamed of seeing Lego land forever (never been there:() and the first thing I do would be to go to the theme park! hope to get the free tickets!

  305. Jen cox says:

    Go to china

  306. Karina Leal says:

    We would go to the roller coaster! We love it!!!

  307. We have never been to Legoland but my 5 year old really wants to go on their rides and see all the things made out of Legos.

  308. Tiffany A says:

    We would go see the Lego Star wars Xwing

  309. Julia says:

    My son would love this more than anything for his 6th Birthday present!!!

  310. kolpin says:

    i’d ride any and all roller coasters! thanks for the giveaway!

    rafflecopter: daniel

  311. Heather B says:

    A very fun place! We are from Wyoming and had the chance to surprise my 8 year old with a trip there in March. He said it was the biggest dream of his whole life 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win some tickets!!! We would love to go back!

  312. Josephine Hernandez says:

    I would love to take my family on a nice little trip. 🙂 thanks so much for the chance

  313. Rachel says:

    I would take my son to the water park first!

  314. Jennifer Polizzi says:

    We would love this trip! We have never been but my 5 year old loves legos!!

  315. Shana says:

    First thing I would do is restrain my 2 boys (aged 5 & 8) since the would be shooting off in different directions and then we would head to Pirate Shores for fun on the high seas.

  316. Heather B says:

    We would hit the pedal power “roller coaster” first. My kids LOVE that ride!!!

  317. Meka Diggs says:

    Would love to get out one last time before school starts! My boys have never been to the waterpark so it would be awesome to win this! LOVE LEGOS!

  318. Missy says:

    I would hop on the rollercoaster!

  319. Audrey A says:

    I would head to Miniland and visit NYC!

  320. celia gonzalez says:

    i want to see the little villages!

  321. Kelly says:

    My 4 year old son desperately wants to go the water park!

  322. Joi says:

    We’ve never been!

  323. Karina says:

    Water park!!! Water park!!! Water park!!!! Keeping my fingers crossed!!!!

  324. Gabriela says:

    I would love to win these ticket for my daughter. She has been wanting to go and I would enjoy the look on her face if I were to surprise her by going to legoland. The first thing I would do is prepare myself to take plenty of pictures of my daughters reaction once we arrive at legoland.

  325. Susie Q says:

    Waterpark, here we come!

  326. sona says:

    I want to Win So Bad.. I’ve never won something all my life this would be a dream come true.

  327. Awuz says:

    Would love to check this out with my girlfriend and friends!

  328. michelle k says:

    Waterpark! and since our family has never been, I would want to see it all!
    Thanks for the contest!

  329. Kathy Guerrero says:

    My son always ask to go to Legoland. The first thing we would do is rush to the nearest ride and have tons of fun!!!!

  330. Martha says:

    We love to catch the Clutch Powers movie during the hottest part of the day!

  331. Karen says:

    1st thing go to the BIG STORE, they will keep your purchase til end of day. Made HUGE mistake of waiting til end of day once, it was outrageous…if you even ‘think’ that you will get your little one something, get it first! Then, enjoy the day and have a great reason to get them to head toward the exit without tears/whining 🙂

  332. sue soto says:

    Head to Star Wars !!

  333. Hawley Crawford says:

    I would watch my 6 year old’s face light up!!! He loves his mini fig’s!!!

  334. Marin D says:

    First thing we’d do it head to the cars area. My girls love to drive the cars!

  335. Jessica says:

    I would put down my 18 month old and watch her amazement as she runs around and then we would go wherever my 7 year old wanted!

  336. Dana says:

    see the X-Wing!

  337. KellyG says:

    Not sure where to start but I am sure my son would love the fun town police and fire academy.

  338. Julie says:


  339. Melissa says:

    My 3 year old was only 1 she we took him. Has been asking to back everytime he sees legos commercials. Really hope to make his wish come true!! We loved the watermark! It is sooo cool!

  340. wendy c g says:

    never been my son would want see all the things built with legos, he loves legos. i would want check out the rides

  341. Adriana says:

    Legoland is my son’s (7) favorite place, we haven’t been in a couple I years, he really wants to go again, and my daughter (3) has never been so it would be an amazing experience for all of us!

  342. Simon says:

    Lego Technic Coaster!

  343. My oldest son ( he is 6) LOVES LEGO, but We haven’t been in the Legoland jet, have to save more money…
    If we would be so lucky and win, we would go to the waterpark first for sure, because we love to have fun it the water, even our youngest son (he is 20 months). :))

  344. tungni lu says:

    Legoland is a fun place to go. Was there two years ago. Would like to go back again.

  345. Rachel says:

    My kids are so excited to go to LegoLand! Our first stop will most likely be MiniLand! They love to build!

  346. David says:

    We live in Australia, and are extreme Lego fans (EXTREME!) with hundreds of Lego sets, collectables, banners, badges, books, antiques and more. The nearest Legoland to us is 12,000km away. BUT, in Sept my son and I are travelling to LA with his dance school, so we will be merely 100km from Legoland, and outside of the dance tour commitments Legoland is out on its own at the top of the list of things we’d like to experience in the USA. I want to see ALL of it. I’m scared I’ll want to live at Legoland permanently. 🙂

  347. brenda Y says:

    yayyy i want to win pretty pls. my kids bdays are in a few weeks

  348. Xenia says:


  349. yana says:

    Never been to Legoland, But would LOVE to take my boys there this september!!

  350. Hill says:

    Whatever my kids decided to do is what we will do first! haha I am sure they will not listen to Mom’s idea once they see all the cool legos!

  351. Cindy B says:

    The water park would be new to us. We’d head there first!

  352. YanireC says:

    I haven’t been to the water park and my son would really love it. zthanks