Saving you money throughout San Diego and Beyond!

Saving Money at the San Diego County Fair!

Posted on: June 4th, 2015 by Kate Hamernik


Are you planning on a trip to the Del Mar Fairgrounds?  We love the fair but we always need to stick to a budget.  We like to splurge on San Diego County Fair Food – but we are all about Saving Money at the Fair in as many areas as we can!

Here are just a few ways you can save!

Save on San Diego County Fair Tickets and Parking

Buy your Fair Tickets through Living Social for more than 30% off! Bonus – save time waiting in line to purchase tickets! (These are only available for a limited time!)

Buy a Fair Tripper Ticket from the North County Transit Department – for $16 you will get a ticket to the Fair as well as a ride – use the Coaster, Sprinter, or Breeze – Parking at the Fair is not cheap and a bit of a hassle – save time and money this way!

Go on $4 Fair Days! June 5, 6 or 10  — admission for only $4 (MUST by tickets at Albertsons or Vons in advance)

Are you planning on going several times?  Grab the Best Pass Ever – only $25 and you can go ever single day if you want!  25 days for $25!

Remember kids are FREE until they are 6 years old! Many places give you a break on toddler admission – but as soon as they turn 3 you are expected to pony out money for a child’s admission ticket – San Diego County Fair gives you a bit longer.

Kids can earn a ticket to the San Diego County Fair with a Reading Certificate – Download a Reading Certificate here (linked on the page) – a teacher will need to sign!

Children 12 and under are FREE every Tuesday that the Fair is open (check dates!)!

Military Discounts – these tickets must be bought on base (not at the ticket booth) . Military discount tickets are available for purchase on base only to the following customers with appropriate Military ID: active duty, dependents, reservists, retirees, and DoD employees.

Parking will cost between $10 – $20 – but there are several off site locations that are FREE and include a free shuttle!

Save on Rides and Food at the San Diego County Fair

You CAN bring food into the Fair!  Bring at least your own water bottles and maybe some snacks.  We typically bring sandwiches for lunch and water bottles.  We like to buy a snack, dinner, and a treat – that can be pricey but we off set it with free water and cheap homemade lunch!

Passport to Savings booklets are $5 but can save you tons of money in the Fair and beyond! You can grab these at the Fair – we always get more than the $5 we spent back!

Buying a bundle pack – tickets, rides, and treats can save you some $$ – here are online Ride Packs – you can also buy packs at Costco!

Get a Pepsi Pay one Price Wrist Band – for $35 you will get unlimited rides on specific days (buy a participating Pepsi product and get an additional $5 off!) – these tickets need to be purchased at Albertsons or Vons.

FREE Entertainment!

Remember checking out the Exhibits and many of the shows is included in your ticket price.  We love to check out the animals, the various art exhibits, woodworking, gems & minerals, etc.  The kids love to watch dance recitals and concerts as well as the piggy races! We also love to check out the vendors – while we rarely buy much we do like to check it out.  This year we will probably buy a couple amber necklaces from the little Russian store we have grown to love and we will probably watch and drool over the kitchen gadgets until our kids pull us away.


The San Diego County Fair can be expensive – but it doesn’t have to be!  Follow these Money Saving Tips on most of your day and splurge on something yummy!  Do you have any other tips for Saving Money at the San Diego County Fair?  Leave them in the comment section!


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