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Super League Gaming is coming to San Diego!

Posted on: October 3rd, 2015 by Kate Hamernik



My son is like a lot of kids his age, he loves Minecraft.  I was recently introduced to a really interesting concept that takes gaming and especially his favorite game Minecraft to a completely new level. Super League Gaming is team gameplay in a movie theater.  WHAT?!  Minecraft in a movie theater!? I know. I am excited to share with all of our San Diego readers that Super League is now available in several San Diego area theaters! My son and I have been looking through the Super Leauge YouTube channel and he was literally floored.  Super League Gaming is the first recreational video game league in a movie theater.

Gamers meet weekly at a Regal, AMC, Cinemark, or iPic for a group game.  They bring their laptops and play together on the big screen.  I am hoping to get my son’s friends together to form their own league, but as you will read further down, if we cannot get a group on our own the good folks at Super League will help combine teams at the event.  The Action Squad helps gamers get set up and will also help if you have any technical issues once the battle begins. It sounds like a really exciting set up and I can’t wait to see it for ourselves one day!

Here is a video about Super League Gaming –

Some quick facts about Super League gaming –

* You will need a laptop to play together – mobile and tablet versions of the games are not compatible at this time.

* Make sure to bring your fully charged and ready laptop to the competition – some theaters will have charging stations but bringing a fully charged laptop and a mobile charger is going to be ideal.

* Leagues are forming for the Fall now! 6 week sessions will run October through November. Grab your friends and join a team.  Teams are made up of 4 to 7 players. All who join a league get a free Super League Jersey.

* Games typically start at 4:30pm and run until 6pm – make sure to get there early to grab a spot and get set up!

*If you do not have a full team of friends you can be added to another team to make a full team of 4 – 7 players!




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