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Heartlake City at LEGOLAND California!

Posted on: May 30th, 2015 by Kate Hamernik


Heartlake City is open at LEGOLAND California!  Our family was excited to attend the grand opening of Heartlake City at LEGOLAND California on May 21st!  My oldest is gaga for LEGO friends and she just couldn’t wait to see an entire land dedicated to some of her favorite girls!

Heartlake is not a huge land as far as LEGOLAND goes – but it was really fun and absolutely worth checking out!

LEGO Friends sing and dance on the Friends Forever Stage several times a day.  You can see Mia, Emma, Olivia, Stephanie, and Andrea perform.

LEGO friends stage

Make sure to stick around after the performance – there is a meet and greet section just to the right hand side of the stage!

lego friends

J was so excited!  She really enjoys the LEGO Friends series from LEGO – to see the characters come to life was really fun for her. I liked the positive message about friendship that they shared in their stage show.

The Heartlake Stables is a huge building area with lots of fun photo opps!

heartlake-stables-legolandSo cute!

heartlake lego

There is just nothing quite as fun as a giant tub of LEGO bricks!

20150521_104245The kids asked me to take a picture of the LEGO horses so they can try to replicate it at home too!

My kid’s favorite feature by far was the 60 horse carousel at Mia’s Riding Camp – all three kids loved the carousel and it was so cute!

lego carousel

My son’s day was made when he got to meet one of the LEGO Master builders that created the new Heartlake City!


Brother asked about 525,600 questions – and this patient man was kind enough to answer every single one of them.  Thank you sir – interviewing a LEGO Master builder was the highlight of his year!


My favorite addition was the City Park Crêperie with freshly made crêpes! 


These are made to order so if you go on a busy day you might have to wait a bit.  They are very much worth the wait! I suggest the nutella!

crepes legoland

We went on a gloomy day but we hope to come back on a warmer day to splash in the Heartlake Fountain!

heartlake fountain

Not familiar with LEGO Friends?  You can catch a LEGO Friends Webisode <—– here!

Oh, and if you are looking for LEGO Friends merchandise you have got to check out this store! Aisles and Aisles of LEGO Friends sets, clothing, accessories, and quite a bit more.  My daughter was all “I’m gonna tell Santa about this place!”


The big kids also shared their thoughts on Heartlake City on YouTube! Check it out below……

 Thank you to LEGOLAND California for having us out!  We hope to see you again soon!

“Celebrate Carlsbad Day” at LEGOLAND California – $25 tickets! One day only!

Posted on: March 22nd, 2015 by Kate Hamernik


Looking for a great deal on LEGOLAND California tickets?  Celebrate Carlsbad Day is THE BEST deal I have ever seen for LEGOLAND and it is coming up!  Keep reading for more info on $25 tickets to LEGOLAND California!

The annual ‘Celebrate Carlsbad Day™’ at LEGOLAND® California will take place on Saturday, April 25, 2015 starting at 1 p.m.  Specially-priced $25 LEGOLAND tickets include admission with Park hours extended to 8 p.m. SEA LIFE® Aquarium tickets are also available at a discounted rate of $9 each with admission to SEA LIFE Aquarium starting at 9 a.m.


To purchase tickets online and have them emailed directly to you, visit or call the Carlsbad Educational Foundation at (760) 929-1555.

You can also purchase tickets in person at the following locations : Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce, 5934 Priestly Drive; Carlsbad Visitors Information Center, 400 Carlsbad Village Drive; El Puerto Mexican and Seafood Restaurant, 1065 Carlsbad Village Drive;  Lola’s 7 Up Market & Deli, 3292 Roosevelt St, Carlsbad; most CUSD elementary schools; Boys & Girls Clubs located at 401 Country Club Lane, Oceanside; 1 Positive Place, San Marcos and  410 W. California Ave, Vista and the Carlsbad Educational Foundation, 5631 Palmer Way Suite L, Carlsbad.

LEGOLAND Waterpark

Please note these tickets often sell out before the event date so make sure to purchase quickly.  Also – it is important to note that LEGOLAND is crazy busy on Celebrate Carlsbad Day – I HIGHLY suggest getting there a little early so you are ready to go and make sure to pack plenty of patience and flexibility as there will be lines.

This is the absolute best time to go to LEGOLAND if you are on a budget and it also helps the community of Carlsbad and the Carlsbad school district – win win!

Please note – Parking is NOT included in the $25 charge.

Make sure to check out our write up about Budget Friendly Tips for Visiting LEGOLAND

If you are seeing this post because the good folks at Google brought you here but the date has passed, make sure to use our search bar on the side of the page for other LEGOLAND California posts!  There are lots of other ways you can save at LEGOLAND California!


BOGO ticket deal at LEGOLAND!

Posted on: November 10th, 2014 by Kate Hamernik


We love an awesome ticket deal at LEGOLAND! Right now you can buy one ticket to LEGOLAND California and get a return ticket FREE (can be used any day from now until January 4th).

A trip to LEGOLAND, just like any theme park can be a major splurge – but if you watch for deals like this you can really stretch your budget!

If you are looking for more ways to save at LEGOLAND – check out our article on Planning A Budget Friendly Trip to LEGOLAND here.

I believe you will need to purchase your tickets online to take advantage of the buy one day get one day free deal – please see for details.

Now is a great time to visit LEGOLAND California – Starting November 22nd they will have Snow Days and Winter Nights with special features, attractions, and entertainment you can only get this time of year!  They have new and exciting things added every year – here is our visit from Snow Days at LEGOLAND last year!  This ticket deal at LEGOLAND is a great way to enjoy the resort with traveling friends and family or even for just a little mini staycation fun for locals in San Diego!  If you are visiting San Diego this winter season make sure to take advantage of the buy one day get one free deal – available only online from LEGOLAND.


The LEGO Movie Experience at LEGOLAND California

Posted on: February 21st, 2014 by Kate Hamernik

"The Lego Movie" Experience Unveiling

Everything is awesome at  LEGOLAND® California Resort!  LEGOLAND  opened the doors to its newest attraction featuring a behind-the-scenes look at “The LEGO® Movie” with THE LEGO® MOVIE EXPERIENCE.  This attraction gives guests a chance to step onto a LEGO® soundstage, see actual movie footage along with interviews with the cast and explore some of the awesome LEGO models which helped inspire the new and completely original 3D animated adventure!

THE LEGO® MOVIE EXPERIENCE opened on Thursday February 20th to a very enthusiastic crowd.  Our kids were thrilled to check it out!  I had a sneak peek during the movie’s press junket, but I was super excited to see my kids check it out!  They were SO into it!  Make sure you see the movie first!  My kids were super excited to see all the landmarks they recognized from their new favorite movie!

LEGO movie set


Actor Jadon Sand, who plays “Finn” and worked alongside Will Ferrell in “The LEGO Movie,” was the special guest at the grand opening ceremony where a giant curtain dropped to reveal THE LEGO MOVIE EXPERIENCE to Park guests for the first time. Our kids were THRILLED to meet a real live movie star.  My son was totally star struck, and my daughter thought it was neat that he was ‘just a real person’ and went on to tell me that she wants to be in movies too just like him.

The kids were thrilled to have Jadon sign a special The LEGO Movie poster, and they were happy to wait in a quick line for the opportunity.


These autographed posters are treasures on their walls!


THE LEGO MOVIE EXPERIENCE features more than 1200 LEGO models made out of more than three million LEGO bricks.   The attraction is in the Playtown Theater, located in Duplo Village. It took a team of ten Model Builders more than 2000 hours to assemble and a team of four Model Builders six weeks to reassemble in Carlsbad. The new attraction offers guests an up-close look at the famous worlds featured in the film such as Bricksburg, Middle Zealand, Old West, Cloud Cuckooland and Octane Tower.  Movie fans can stand in the same place as Finn and his father, “Lord Business,” played by Ferrell, and imagine themselves in the scene that has become famous in just weeks. THE LEGO MOVIE EXPERIENCE offers a unique thrill that can be enjoyed by LEGO fans of all ages.

Check out the quick video below about the new attraction!

If you are a fan of The LEGO Movie, I highly suggest this new attraction!  If you haven’t seen The LEGO Movie yet – what are you waiting for?  Take the kiddies to a matinee this weekend!

Enjoy ~ Kate

Planning a Budget Friendly Trip to LEGOLAND California

Posted on: January 27th, 2014 by Kate Hamernik


Our family has been a fan of LEGOLAND California since our big kids could barely walk!   We have learned lots of fun tips over the years and I am excited to share that there are many ways to check out LEGOLAND even if you are on a budget.   LEGOLAND, like any amusement park is a very special outing and can be quite a splurge – but I hope that a few of these tips can help those who are on a budget get the most out of their trip!

LEGOLAND-Aquazone* Buy LEGOLAND tickets online and during the off season – Online prices are almost always less expensive.   Make sure to plan ahead, purchasing tickets at least 7 days in advance for the best price.

IMG_1261Other online discount options

  • AAA
  • Costco (Carlsbad Costco is practically right across the street – sometimes they have sweet deals! Worth a call or stop inside)
  • LEGO Magazine is FREE (sign up here) and they often have FREE kid’s tickets inside!
  • Follow on Facebook – – You might find an exclusive facebook fan discount and you might even be lucky enough to win tickets!   LEGOLAND often has giveaways and also shares about other giveaways they host (including those held on San Diego Deals and Steals!) It never hurts to try!

LEGO-Magazine* FREE Souvenirs – Your kids will no doubt want to visit The BIG Shoppe!   It is a LEGO lovers paradise! My kids love to go in there and sometimes blow some birthday money, but honestly, with our tight budget we mostly avoid it.   We LOVE that there a couple FREE souvenirs you can enjoy!

legoland-button“My 1st Trip to LEGOLAND” Pins and Birthday pins are FREE – ask at guest relations!

IMG_9975*SEA LIFE trading cards! Kids can participate in a little scavenger hunt in SEA LIFE with easy to answer questions (employees will help kids too of course!) At the end of the trip through SEA LIFE you can show them your filled out scavenger hunt list and get a free SEA LIFE trading card – it has fun facts about an animal that lives in the ocean.

20131216_124429*LEGO and LEGO Friends Magazines!   Up at Fun Town make sure to stop in the LEGO Club house Shop. Our kids love to sit and build sets and participate in the “master builder class’, but they also like to grab a free LEGO magazine!

*LEGO Posters!   In the same area you can also usually find FREE LEGO themed posters!


* Free LEGOLAND App – Honestly – it has some bugs in it – but it can be a great help too!   It’s free and it includes lots of up to date park info, special offers, and games to play while waiting in a line.

20131216_153955* Keep in mind that LEGOLAND, like other theme parks is typically very busy in the Summer, Christmas holiday time, Brick or Treat, and Spring Break – but crowds are much lighter during other times of the year.   I always suggest trying to visit LEGOLAND during the off season.   I especially like to visit on a weekday in January or February, September is also awesome! Hours may be shorter, but when you can walk right on to just about every ride you tend to get more out of those shorter hours.

* Sale Section – Near the Entrance & Exit there is a restroom and also a small shop.   Our kids like to browse and check it out – mainly because they like to stall before we finally exit for the day, but also because they have found some really cool items (including clothing and LEGO sets!) for up to half off!   The selection tends to vary greatly, but it is always worth a peek!

* Bring your own bottled water!   You can also bring food & drinks to enjoy outside of the park.   They ask that you do not bring food in, but if your kids have a special diet LEGOLAND has no problem with you bringing in your own food.   We typically buy lunch in the park, but we bring bags of snacks – with three little kids we need to have bags of O’s and raisins on hand and we have never had a problem with that!   We actually enjoy bringing our own lunches (when we plan that far ahead!) and taking it outside the gates for a little picnic and time to decompress from all the excitement!   It takes a little more planning, but if you bring all your own food and don’t mind taking a bit of a break it can save quite a bit for a family.

* Make sure to ask if there are any dining specials when you visit!

  • All you can eat options – if someone in your family has a big appetite – they may want to know about a couple ‘all you can eat’ restaurants.   It is a bit pricey for someone like me that doesn’t eat that much – but it is a great way to stretch a budget for someone who enjoys a larger lunch or dinner.
  • Kids Eat FREE Dinner Options – several times a year you can enjoy a “Kids Eat FREE” dinner option at SEA LIFE Aquarium and also several restaurants in the park!

Have a wonderful time at LEGOLAND California!

These are just a few fun tips! Do you have any more? Can you leave them in our comments section?

Also – if you think this post may be helpful to your friends and followers can you be my best friend forever and share it on Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, and or Twitter? Whatever is your fav!

Enjoy ~ Kate

* We were recently invited to to The LEGO Movie Press Junket and we enjoyed two days in the park as part of the tour.   I was not obligated to write this post, but people always ask us how to save money at LEGOLAND so I thought it was high time I did.   Links are not affiliate links, but they probably should be! 😉

Guess what?! We have another LEGOLAND giveaway!

Posted on: October 1st, 2013 by Kate Hamernik

This giveaway has ended – check out the winner in the widget below – it just might be YOU!   If not we have a NEW LEGOLAND GIVEAWAY HERE!

We LOVE that LEGOLAND California spoils our readers during October.   If you have a young family and haven’t checked out Brick or Treat Party Nights at The LEGOLAND Resort it is really a splurge worthy treat.   Tickets for Party Nights start at $30 making it one of the least expensive theme park trick or treat options.   If your family has a year pass you can enjoy Brick or Treat at no additional cost.   You can read more about all the awesome LEGOLAND Brick or Treat activities, fireworks, and shows in our previous article.   Brick or Treat party nights are held on Saturday nights in October.


Important note – ANYONE who would like to participate in the “Calling All Vampires” event can get a FREE admission ticket too!   LEGOLAND is attempting to break the world record of Vampires in one gathering and I think they just might do it this year! (If you aren’t into vampires, that’s cool – but if you are – how fun would it be to get together AND get a free admission to LEGOLAND?!)   “Calling All Vampires” will be held on October 4th – all the info is listed in the link – you do need to register for this event!   If you’ve got a vampire costume that is kinda awesome!

OK – back to our giveaway!   ONE lucky San Diego Deals and Steals fan is gonna win FOUR tickets to Brick or Treat for 2013! Tickets will be emailed to the winner to the email address given directly from LEGOLAND.   Your email is only used if you are the winner – no sharing of emails at all! I promise!   Super easy peasy entry – you need to be a fan of San Diego Deals and Steals and LEGOLAND California – that is it.   We have several other bonus entries – but only two little requirements – that is totally fair right?

This giveaway won’t be as long as the last one – so make sure to get your entry in! Giveaway ends on October 8, 2013.   A winner will be announced on Wednesday October 9, 2013 – just in time to make plans for a rockin’ Saturday night!

HUGE thank you to the good folks at LEGOLAND for sponsoring this giveaway! Best of luck to all!

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