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Catalina Flyer is on Groupon Again!

Posted on: March 27th, 2014 by Kate Hamernik

Catalina Boat Coupon*image credit Groupon*

Awesome Groupon for Catalina boat trip is back!!  This deal for a ferry to Catalina sold out last time, but it is back! I bet the weather is perfect for a trip to Catalina right now and there is an awesome deal I had to share with those interested in checking out this beautiful SoCal island!– purchase a couple as a date or a few for your whole family!   This ticket price says it expires in TWO days – but you can use the tickets up until November 23rd (there are a couple black out days – please see the groupon link for all the extra info!)

If you are hoping to check out Catalina, this is one of the most popular ways to get there – and this is about the best deal I have ever seen so I would grab it!

If we weren’t traveling so much already this year, I would snag a few for a staycation!   Hmmm, I still just might……

Enjoy ~ Kate


Introducing “Catching Up With Kate”

Posted on: July 11th, 2013 by Kate Hamernik

Good morning friends!   So I have a really fun announcement!   For a while now we have been mulling around the idea of starting a new blog.     By ‘for a while’ I mean since before Baby C was even born.   We noticed fairly early on that our audience here is two very distinct groups and I have been attempting to cater to both for quite a while – but sometimes that just doesn’t work.

Catching Up With Kate

I know we have fans that simply want deals – they want to know where there are great sales, fun stuff stuff to do in San Diego, giveaways, and that is about it.   That is honestly all I thought San Diego Deals and Steals would be when I first started nearly 4 years ago.

SoCal Travel Blog

But as our network grew and grew (WAY bigger than I ever thought it would) I started sharing a little more about me, things I love (you know, besides finding a great deal), our adoption story, my Disney obsession, and we started cooking.   Surprisingly, these posts – these ‘just my random life’ posts are just as popular as our San Diego posts, in many cases much more popular.   I honestly never intended for San Diego Deals and Steals to become a ‘lifestyle blog‘ of sorts, but somehow in many ways it has morphed into one.

Disney Travel Blog

I have readers from all over America, Canada, and even Europe emailing me asking about travel tips to Southern California – especially to Disneyland. Some of our very simple recipes have been shared thousands of times and are among our top viewed posts.   I have people all over emailing asking us about our adoption process, what it is like to have a heart baby, how did we afford two adoptions, can we pray for their adoption process, and while I blush when I write this – people say our family inspires them.   In all honesty, that last part I just don’t get – I know we have done some things differently – we went about growing our family in an unconventional and somewhat more difficult fashion than was necessary.   We chose to adopt a child from a country where we knew his quality of life would not be good in his homeland, but would be better with us, a few years later we chose a medically fragile heart baby; there are certainly easier ways for us to build a family.   I get that looks cool, but we are just really normal.   Don’t get me wrong, our life is beautiful, but I wouldn’t consider it inspiring.   Harry and I disagree, our kids sass us…. including sweet Baby C, my house is literally never presentable (OK, there was that one time back in April….but generally not), and we don’t often make fancy food for dinner, sometimes it is egg burritos….again.   My point is I see me all the time – and I know that we aren’t what I consider Family Blog material – but that is what people are telling me so I suppose it is time to listen and give it a whirl.

SoCal Travel Blog

So here is how this is gonna go down.   San Diego Deals and Steals is staying – I promise.   It will continue to share deals and San Diego happenings.   We will keep our San Diego Deals and Steals facebook page as well.   This is what I always intended for SDDS.   We will still share deals and celebrate local businesses here!   San Diego Deals and Steals will still be an awesome source for anyone living in or traveling to SoCal.   We will still offer competitive advertising rates for local businesses wanting to share sweet deals, grand openings, giveaways, etc with our audience.   We will still have a FREE semi weekly newsletter.   I really hope that our readers will still enjoy San Diego Deals and Steals!!

San Diego Travel Blog

But because so many of our “Stuff that is going on in our lives” posts have been so popular I decided we just had to start a new fancy   blog – may I formally present to you Catching Up With Kate.   This is where I will share about stuff I love; my family, recipes, mommy stuff, wifey stuff, Disney stuff, travel stuff, crafty stuff,etc.   This is the blog I hope you will come to spend some time just catching up on our fun adventures of just being little old us.   You can follow Catching Up With Kate on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube!   We have a new bright and shiny facebook page that I am desperately afraid that nobody will like.   Please like Catching Up With Kate on Facebook.   San Diego Deals and Steals has an awesome group of over 4,000 – wow!   But SDDS wasn’t developed to be personal, Catching Up With Kate is – so I just really want peeps to like it.   I don’t expect it to be the size of SDDS, but I hope it will be a fun place to visit.   So pour yourself a cup of coffee, invite a friend, and let’s catch up!



Get 50% off travel for Summer Vacation!

Posted on: May 27th, 2012 by Kate Hamernik

Seriously – no offense to travel agents out there – but there are just too many good deals available online!   Check out this hot deal from Deal of the Day: Save 50%!

Enjoy ~ Kate